What Young critics have to say about Young Critics workshop

“I came along to a young critics session during the summer and was keen to attend the autumn workshops thereafter. They provided opportunities to meet theatre critics from all sorts of media, and learn the different practices of criticism and what future there is in this area of journalism. We were also given the chance to attend and review a variety of shows in the area. A fantastic opportunity for any writers and those inspired by the world of theatre.” David Jobson

“I was delighted to be part of the “guinea pig” generation of Young Critics; I have always liked the idea of reviewing, but had no idea what path to take to get into it and Young Critics has been instrumental in educating me about all the different methods.  The wisdom imparted from established critics such as Lyn Gardner was invaluable and without the scheme I doubt if I had ever met her, let alone been given the chance to pick her brain about reviewing.  I am excited to see how much others who join the initiative benefit from it.” Lucy Ryan

“Young Critics has been fun, interesting and inspiring. One of the great things about the programme is being able to have discussions with and ask questions to renowned critics, and them giving us their best tips. I also learned a lot about the current state of theatre criticism and its merits and challenges. All in all it has been a very educational but also enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in writing about theatre.” Sanne Thomas

“My name is  Beth Iredale and at present I am only a soft whisper in the criticism cacophony but thanks to the kindness and brilliance of One Mr Carl Woodward I believe one day you’ll hear me loud and clear. Without Carl founding the young Critics, I would never have found a way into this world. I wouldn’t have the courage to write and I wouldn’t have the strength to figure out ‘my voice’. I also wouldn’t have met any of the critics I consider paramount to my developments as both writer and critic. I believe  initiatives like this are vital to the curation of young creative, in the very least it get them talking to each other and at most it gives them the confidence to reach for what they want.” Beth Iredale

” I have been with the scheme since the very beginning and have enjoyed each and every session. The scheme encourages young people to visit and and think more closely about the theatre they are watching. The range of critics giving workshops gives us a breadth of knowledge from different sources. My writing skills have improved tenfold since joining the scheme. Help has been provided through encouragement from Carl, feedback from the critics and conversations between the young people. I jumped at the opportunity to take part in the scheme as there was nothing of its kind available. Theatre criticism wasn’t something I had particularly thought much about previously but it has helped spark determination. Having attended every session, each has something different to offer and encourages s conversation between all involved. Young critics has also helped to broaden my horizon. ” Charlotte Nelson






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